Pasta, the key to happiness

  • Hello, I am Giovanni Cinquepalmi and I am from Puglia.
  • Today I want to show you the key to being happy: there is nothing that can't be solved by a smile and a good plate of pasta.
  • What is our recipe? Traditional production techniques, passion, expertise and love for our land. Our products are manufactured with the aid of machines but without industrial process. We make pasta with very high-quality italian flour and we pay special attention to every detail. All this because I want you to taste the flavors of our Apulian warm lands either you are in your kitchen or at your favourite restaurant.
  • Take a look at our products and experience Italian cuisine wherever you are.
  • If this is not enough to gain your trust, please taste our handmade pasta. How? Contact us and I will be glad to show you the key to happiness myself.